The farmHouse

The Farmhouse is a central meeting place for ministry and fellowship. It has 5 bedrooms and large kitchen for breaking bread and supping together. There as well is a dedicated room for worship and prayer unto Him. We have a separate living space downstairs reserved as the Lord appoints to house short-term or long-term individuals

Five Bedrooms

Large Kitchen

Worship Room

Living Space for Guests


The land


The land is 250 acres on the New River. It backs up to over 600 acres that are in a nature conservatory. There are majestic mountain range views on all sides. There have been known Prophets that have identified a portal to and from Heaven on the land. There is a winding trail that is great for folks to walk, pray, and commune with their Creator. Jesus has appeared to folks on the trail pointing out places to meditate and reflect and encounter. There as well is a prayer garden set aside to as well encounter God with a large walk in Aviary for folks to sit with and feed the doves

250 Acres of Mountains

Open Heaven Portal

Prayer Trail

Prayer Garden

Dove Aviary